Monday, September 25, 2006

Di-ly Express

Today's edition of crusading pamphlet of bile/bigotry the Daily Express carries yet another Princess Diana related story on its front page. It really is quite amazing how much milk they continue to squeeze from those great udders of death. Whether it's a brand new conspiracy theory surrounding the circumstances of her Paris smash or just a simple restatement of the fact that yep, she's still dead, the paper has pursued at least one story a week on the subject since her fateful crash in 1997.

Here's a sample from over the years:

The last one posted there is today's front page. It's not even as if it's a particularly interesting new slant on the story... aren't simple body-mix-ups ten a penny these days? Regardless, the Express seems quite intent on rooting out every misdemeanour and bit of underhand business that they insist will surely have taken place. Especially by those sneaky French authorities. Practically every paragraph of the article today states repeatedly, just incase you might forget, that 'we're dealing with the Frogs here, afterall.' It's quite hilarious, and I'll watch with interest to see how many Di-related stories they can pull out of the hat before something else of note happens in the world. Because afterall, it's been very quiet on the news front for the last nine years hasn't it.

I'll bid farewell with a sneak preview of tomorrow's Express.


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