Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bye bye Fletch

Alan Fletcher a.k.a. Neighbours' Karl Kennedy was voted off Soapstar Superstar last night. It was (almost sadly) the only bit of the whole series I saw, so I'd missed all of his previous performances. However, a quick YouTube search has delivered this horrendous rendition of 'Faith' from last week. The best bit about the video is all the classic Karl Kennedy Neighbours clips during the interview bit at the start. Susan's slap is a personal favourite. What an exceptional actor and an exeptional man he is.

"Mr Kennedy..."
"It's Doctor, actually."

Although that song is quite, quite bad, I can't go without mentioning the fact that the time I saw him live in Nottingham still ranks in the Top 13 Moments Of My Life To Date. He was absolutely mesmerising, what with his mix of rabble rousing popular pub hit covers, his own hideous songs, and a belting version of Reef's 'Place Your Hands' to finish off with. Which he sang as if it was the greatest song ever written. The only thing is, I think he genuinely believes he's a legend (which he is, but he shouldn't be allowed to know), and that everyone who flocks to see him stamp about Australian themed bars goes because it's him, rather than Karl Kennedy, on stage before them. I bet he really expected to win Soapstar Superstar. But still, I suppose we should just be grateful he has chosen to share his talents with us atall.

I took this quite frankly beautiful photograph of him:

(It was the night Liverpool won the Champions League, and he's 'a fan'.)

Click here for the rest, taken by Toby.


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