Saturday, January 05, 2008


A good day for sport in Middlesbrough today. Not just because of Boro's professional navigation of a troublesome FA Cup 3rd Round tie away at Bristol City, but also because of the emergence of the town's darts sensation Glenn Moody, 43, pictured below, live on television.

It was all part of the BDO World Championship, which started today. As an aspiring professional darts player myself - I like to think my eventual arrival on the darts scene will transform the game's image - I'm always intrigued by the manner in which new players make their initial impact. Today's evening session saw this bizarre, unknown character grinning and nervous-ticcing his way through a match against his highly-fancied Dutch opponent, and ending up beating him impressively. When it was revealed he is from Middlesbrough, my heart skipped a beat.

Following the game, Glenn took part in a bizarre interview with the BBC's Ray 'Stubbsy' Stubbs:

Stubbs: What was it your fans were shouting during the game?
Moody: 'Wazaaa!'
Stubbs: What's that? Is it someone's name specifically?
Moody: It's just something the lads all shout down the pub. Wazaaa!

A new idol is born. For me, anyway.