Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The vermin allowed a thought to pass them by

Further to the earlier pigeon-related post, it seems that wherever I go I can't escape the wrath of our feathered foes. The stairwell pictured below is a fire exit at work, and two pigeons have managed to get through a small gap in an open window but don't seem able to get back out again. What fools.

Thankfully there is a locked door between them and where I took the picture, so they can't physically attack me, scratch my thighs and gouge my eyeballs out. But the place is a mess of feathers and what can only be described as pigeon shite. They're trapped in there forever, with no supplies, which means they're destined to suffer a slow, torturous death. So that's good then.

N.B. I notice I've done consecutive Manics lyric-inspired post titles. Unthinkable (until now, when I've quite clearly done it). Further proof, if needed, that there is an appropriate Manics quotation for every possible event in life.


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